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Nanjing Magnetic Valley: "Maglev" perfect interpretation of China 's creation

Innovation, the beginning will never stop, until the success; five years, can not measure the length of knowledge, but enough to perseverance and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, Perseverance to break the foreign technology "monopoly", so that "magnetic levitation" technology by Chinese enterprises to master. Nanjing magnetic, magnetic levitation technology and related products in the research, development, application, promotion and industrialization. In the green, sustainable development of new energy on the road to create their own unique chapter, silent struggle, in the field of magnetic suspension centrifugal fan, with all the independent intellectual property rights. Science and technology carry tripod the future, Nanjing magnetic valley, will be "a" first, help China dream first. As a big manufacturing country, the transition from "Made in China" to "Created in China" is the development direction of China's manufacturing industry. For the Chinese manufacturing enterprises which started later, it is necessary to develop a "China- There is a long way to go. In the field of magnetic suspension centrifugal fan, Nanjing drum Technology Co., Ltd. can be described as the perfect interpretation of the "creation of China." Venture: arduous and arduous Results Speaking of "magnetic levitation", we first think of the maglev train, "fast" is its greatest feature. In fact, all high-speed bearings used in place, can use the magnetic levitation technology, but for a long time this technology has been monopolized by foreign enterprises, such as magnetic suspension centrifugal blower only Finland, Germany, the two companies have the ability to produce. November 18, 2013, with the Nanjing magnetic Valley Science and Technology Co., Ltd. developed the first domestic magnetic levitation centrifugal blower to formally through the Friends of Parker as the chairman of the new product identification in Jiangsu Province, marking the monopoly of foreign technology is broken, and Chinese enterprises - Nanjing Magnetic Valley Technology Co., Ltd. has become the world's third to achieve the use of magnetic levitation technology manufacturing centrifugal blower products business, and have all the independent intellectual property rights. Recalling the company more than five years of entrepreneurial path and now achieved, one of the founders of the company Dong Jiyong, general manager of a lot of emotion. In 2005, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Institute of Maglev Technology, a group of academic attainments deep green, middle-aged experts in the doctoral tutor Professor Xu Longxiang under the leadership of the successful implementation of the magnetic bearing system to solve the key technologies, and therefore won the National Defense Science Technology Award first prize. Due to the inevitable friction, the traditional bearing lead to the motor speed does not go up, wear large, short life. To reduce friction, to ensure that the motor work, need to continue to add lubricant to the bearing. The use of the magnetic bearing technology makes the rotor and the contact between the bearings, which has no friction, no lubrication, long life and other advantages. As a result of energy saving equipment has obvious advantages, magnetic levitation technology in the civilian field also has a broad market. Based on the advantages of magnetic levitation technology in energy saving and market prospects, in 2008, Nanjing Magnetic Valley Technology Co., Ltd. and the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Institute of Applied Technology to develop and began to engage in magnetic levitation technology and related products research, development, , Promotion and its industrialization. A year later, by the Nanjing magnetic Valley Technology Co., Ltd. independent investment, independent research and development of China's first application in the sewage treatment industry, magnetic levitation centrifugal blower, in September 2009 in the "National Urban Wastewater Treatment and Resource Engineering Technology Research Center "of the sewage plant successfully put into trial, and through the Ministry of Science and Technology Group of experts on-site inspection. 2011, after more than two years of continuous experiments and improvements, integrated design of the magnetic levitation centrifugal blower products officially put into the market, began to put into mass production, product performance and quality have reached the international advanced level. To 2013, Nanjing magnetic Valley Technology Co., Ltd. through independent innovation, has successfully developed four maglev centrifugal blower products, a good meet the market demand. Through independent research and development, the company's research and development achievements, including magnetic levitation centrifugal blower and supporting high-power rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, special high-efficiency inverter and magnetic bearings, has declared more than 40 core independent intellectual property rights, all key components independently developed , Completely free from any restrictions on domestic and foreign technology, and has achieved mass production of products. After more than five years of arduous pioneering, Nanjing magnetic Valley Technology Co., Ltd. has been identified as "high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province", "private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province", "innovative enterprises in Jiangsu Province", "science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province ". The company undertook the "Science and Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the "Joint Research Project of Prospective Industry-University-Research" by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department, "Science and Technology Support Project of Jiangsu Province", Nanjing Innovation Fund Project, Projects, has been the strong support of government departments at all levels. The company's independent research and development of products "magnetic levitation centrifugal blower" was identified as "national key new products", "high-tech products in Jiangsu Province", "independent innovation products in Jiangsu Province", "Jiangsu Province focus on the promotion of new technologies and new products" National Development and Reform Commission included in the "national key energy-saving technology promotion directory." Technology: energy-saving environmental prospects Unlimited In all sectors of China's various types of machinery and electrical equipment, and fans supporting the motor accounts for about half of the installed capacity of the motor, energy consumption accounts for about 1/3 of the total power generation, the majority of fans In the course of the existence of large horse-drawn car phenomenon. According to statistics, the fan power accounts for about 10% of the total power generation, of which centrifugal fan electricity accounts for about 50% of the total fan power consumption, so the centrifugal fan system for energy-saving significance. According to Dong Jiyong introduction, this is also the Nanjing drum Technology Co., Ltd. in the early days of the selected company development direction - the magnetic levitation technology used in centrifugal fan in the reason. The magnetic suspension centrifugal blower is a kind of turbine equipment which adopts the magnetic levitation bearing. Its main structure is that the impeller of the blower is installed directly on the extension end of the motor shaft, and the rotor is suspended on the active magnetic bearing controller without the need of the speed- Shaft, to achieve high-speed motor directly driven by the inverter to speed single-stage high-speed centrifugal blower. Fan main function is to achieve the blast, with the shaft to do with high-speed rotation of the impeller to drive the air from the volute inlet, the air in the spiral under the guidance and pressurization become a certain flow rate and pressure of gas, and finally from The volute of the volute is bulging out. The centrifugal blower has a simple structure and a long service life. It is oil-free and maintenance-free. Compared with the traditional fan, the average energy saving is more than 25%. Therefore, the product is an alternative to the traditional high-energy blower. Product of a new generation of efficient blower products. Compared with the ordinary blower, the magnetic suspension centrifugal blower has the remarkable energy conservation environmental protection, the high rotational speed, the long life, the high reliability, the low noise, the equipment miniaturization, the maintenance cost low, the adaptability superiority. In the background of the national energy saving and environmental protection policy, the development of magnetic levitation centrifugal blower has entered the rapid development period, which can be widely used in municipal sewage treatment, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, glass, textile, paper, food and medicine industries. . The future: independent research and development of the source Nanjing magnetic Valley Technology Co., Ltd. as the only one, the world's third to use the world's most sophisticated magnetic bearing technology to create high-speed high-efficiency high-power fluid mechanical products business, Nanjing drum can be said Technology Co., Ltd. with independent research and development technology in the magnetic levitation centrifugal blower market already has a place, the next step the company's development goal will be to gain greater market share. For the company's future, general manager Dong Jiyong smug. From 2011, the company's products have been successfully applied in dozens of projects in Jiangsu, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Hubei and Shandong. The products have been delivered according to the contract plan and put into use. The actual effect of energy saving for this product is very Satisfaction, has been well received, significantly reducing the customer's operating and maintenance costs. Fan is a typical general machinery, widely used in various industries. The next five years, Nanjing magnetic Valley Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to explore the chemical industry, sewage treatment industry, and focus on the development of food, pharmaceutical, cement, steel and other industries on the magnetic levitation centrifugal blower market demand. Independent research and development is Nanjing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Magnetic Valley of the venture, will also be the source of its development. According to Dong Jiyong, general manager of the company, the company and the future will continue to magnetic bearings as the core technology, the development of other high-power efficient drive equipment, the development of new series of products. The company plans to further develop the magnetic levitation of the fluid machinery and equipment, as well as magnetic bearing technology in modern industrial technology. The company will continue to enrich the products, and strive to be more and better products available to customers. Magnetic suspension centrifugal fan technical advantages Magnetic suspension centrifugal blower with integrated design, its high-speed synchronous permanent magnet motor, inverter, magnetic bearing control system and control panel with a microprocessor, such as the use of advanced integrated design integration. Among them, the synchronous permanent magnet motor with no mechanical wear of the magnetic bearing technology, minimizing the mechanical transmission loss, the maximum working speed up to 40000r / min. The main technical advantages of the products are as follows: Energy-saving and high efficiency: Because of the application of the magnetic suspension bearing technology and self-designed high-efficiency centrifugal impeller and high-efficiency synchronous permanent magnet motor drive, the equipment has no contact loss and mechanical loss, realizing high-speed stepless speed change. In the rated operating conditions, the fan efficiency compared with the traditional capacity of Roots blower efficiency by 25% -32%, compared with the traditional multi-stage centrifugal fan efficiency of 22% higher than the traditional single-stage centrifugal gear speed Type blower compared to more than 10% efficiency. Low noise, easy installation: the overall box-type structure, light weight, small size, stable operation, vibration is very small, the fan noise 80db the following products can be installed directly without the need to install the foundation, without large lifting equipment, The technician can easily complete the installation work. The weight of the whole machine is about one quarter of the traditional equipment, saving 80% of the manufacturing material resources. System integration is high: the device integrates filters, cooling systems, automatic anti-surge system, power failure and fault protection system, users do not need to purchase other components. Real-time display of the Chinese touch screen, for the convenience of workers while reducing the occurrence of operational accidents. High cooling efficiency: The cooling system adopts air-cooling or water-cooling method, which can effectively protect the motor and realize the fan start and stop at any time. Remote management: the use of advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) and General Packet Radio Service Control System (GPRS), the daily operation and management of equipment in the central control room to operate; if the fan failure, can also be implemented by the manufacturer Remote maintenance and debugging, to achieve rapid response. Easy maintenance, low cost: the use of advanced magnetic bearing technology, eliminating the traditional fan necessary for the complex gearbox and oil-based bearings, so do not lubricants, no mechanical maintenance, effectively reducing the user's maintenance costs, Greatly reducing the equipment operating costs, improve the stability of the system operation. Daily maintenance only need to replace the air filter cloth, convenient and simple. (Zhang Rong)